Whitelist API Working?

Hey. Apologies if I’ve overlooked something. I am wondering if it is possible with your service to whitelist contracts dynamically and programmatically.

For example, if I am building a service that is a contract factory, and a user creates a contract via my contract factory smart contract, would it be possible to whitelist the newly created contract for usage with the paymaster/smart account service programmatically? Just as if I were to go to the Biconomy dashboard and whitelist a smart contract?

I found this: Whitelist Destination Address - Biconomy Gasless SDK (EOA)

I recognize that it is a v1 api route. When I send a POST request to this route programmatically with the Authorization header, using the auth token provided in the Account Settings from Biconomy dashboard, I get a 401 error: "“Not a valid registered dapp token”.

Any ideas? Thanks. I am wondering if this is possible.

can you share the curl call and are you passing the header in the proper format


Auth Token generated from the dashboard. This is specific to the DApp registered and should be in the format “User ”

Thanks for the response. Here is how I am sending the request. I also tried other variations of formatting the User part, such as User and I’d get differing errors.

const response = await fetch( "https://api.biconomy.io/api/v1/dapp/whitelist/destination", { method: "POST", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", Authorization: User ${authToken}, }, body: JSON.stringify({ destinationAddresses }), }, );

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Hi, if you are planning to use the paymaster i will suggest looking at the latest docs - https://docs.biconomy.io/
if you are starting to integrate the gasless transactions, account abstraction is the way to go. the documentation that you referring to is for meta transactions.

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