Biconomy TrustedForwarder - Cannot omplement gasless minting of NFTs (EIP2771)

Hi all! Im in Ethereum’s hackathon this weekend and I am trying to implement gasless transactions with Biconomy but cannot make it work. Im using EIP2771 approach. I have added everything in the dashboard properly but the documentation is not that good folks.
I have implemented trustedForwarder into my smart contract, _msgSender() has replaced the msg.sender and the minting does not work. Please check below my code, am I doing something wrong?
Plus(selected address is my metamask address)

Can anyone help?

It is as simple as passing trusted forwarder in constructor argument. code looks correct.
Once you deploy smart contract and do dashboard registrations this is the way to go.

further help : metatx-standard/Web3_EIP2771_EIP712Sign.js at playground · bcnmy/metatx-standard · GitHub

hi thanks for your reply. I implemented everything correctly, speaking with Chirag looks like Biconomy’s bug, check this out (when Im doing on Mumbai testnet)

And then I get this error in the log
Given provider does not have accounts information
Biconomy.js:2350 ERC20 Forwarder is not supported for this network
For some reason it does not read the networkId correctly, even if in the Biconomy initiator every information is correct

Can you update the RPC Url in your metamask.

Great Stuff. thanks for haring the information