Future Scouts - a decentralized scouting organization

Future Scouts (https://futurescouts.cc) is a next-generation decentralized youth service organization on a mission to prepare and equip learners of all ages with the skills, literacies and tools to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

We are building the infrastructure for learners of all ages, genders and backgrounds, from all around the world, to be able to participate as stakeholders in a web3 decentralized organization to build the Future of Scouting.

We aim to create a decentralized, incentivized and scalable model for peer-to-peer learning communities, enabled by web3 and DAO tooling. And we want to bridge this learning gap for learners of all ages. We want to help those in need of opportunities and additional support to prepare them for success in all pursuits in their life, work and play in web3.

We’ll be doing this through our Handbook of 21st Century Survival Skills, the Future Scouts dApp, our cohorts, programs, and events, and our learn-to-earn MERIT token and MERIT NFTs. We haven’t decided which blockchain and stack we will build our dApp on as of yet - but know that paying fees is something we definitely do not our participants to have to do. We want to build a smooth experience, user-friendly experience to bring new kids all over the world onto the blockchain.

Our vision is for an international movement of youth, educators, parents and elders empowered by web3 technologies. As a part of this, we’ll be creating engaging educational media and materials to help onboard youth, parents and elders to web3 tools and opportunities.

We’re excited to explore the possibilities that the Biconomy ecosystem opens up for us, and the opportunity to submit a grant to the community grants governance process. Thank you to the Biconomy team for all the great documentation on the grants process. Happy to answer any questions from anyone here!

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