EntryPoint not executing userOperation for SmartAccount

I’m creating a raw userOperation object (not using any sdk, simply relying on Biconomy’s Bundler and Paymaster APIs) for a SmartAccount (Proxy | Address 0x8b271c59F2CFfB566Ce031871AC9Ad1d70b008C3 | PolygonScan) on Polygon Mumbai chain, to send 0.1 mumbai matic to another address (0x23cAFF6534d4292315545f22988F1A242E392a4c).

I’ve populated the gas fields and the verification fields from Biconomy’s paymaster API, and have signed the UserOperation Hash (total hash of the packed userOperation, entrypoint address and chainid) using the SmartAccount’s owner’s private key.

I’ve tried signing the UserOperation Hash with and without the prefix:

"\x19Ethereum Signed Message:\n"

But am unable to make the transaction successful. Hash of the transaction on block explorer → (Polygon PoS Chain Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan).

The callData of the UserOperation in question is simply the function abi encoding of execute(address,uint256,bytes), populated with the address of the sender, value as 1e17 (0.1 mumbai matic) and 0x (empty bytes) as the 3rd argument.

The SmartAccount was created by this AccountFactory (0x000000f9ee1842bb72f6bbdd75e6d3d4e3e9594c).

I’m learning Account Abstraction, so I would be thankful for any help or insight into the issue I’m facing.

I think the Biconomy beneficiary address isn’t correct.
Check if your userOperation is following all params correctly.