Biconomy Grants Proposal (BGP) Format

Please create your grant proposal using this template:

Summary of Grant Proposal :

A quick overview of the proposal and desired result.

Description of the Proposal:

Share a short description of your proposal. Share all the relevant links (website, dApp, GitHub, Twitter, etc.)

Motivation :

Tell us the problem statement. Explain why this proposal is necessary or valuable for the Biconomy ecosystem and products.

Specification :

Layout your proposal - explain how the BGP will tackle the issue at hand. Tell us about your solution, approach, product, and features.

Proposal Impact and Success :

Clearly describe what will be done if the BGP is passed. Let us know what your perception of success is. Please include the overarching goals and targeted measurable KPIs.

Anticipated roadmap and milestones:

Please include a timeline, the stage of the project/idea (e.g., pre-development, demo, launched), and critical project milestones.

Team Details

Please mention key team members, roles, and their contacts. Eg. Name - Role - Email /Discord/Telegram username in that order.

For :

What it means for people who agree with the proposal.

Against :

What it means for people who disagree with the proposal.

Forum Poll :

Add your Poll.

Short introduction of the proposer/author:

It helps the community to know you better. Also, share your Twitter and Discord handle.

Relevant Links/Resources:

Any resources or links will help other community members better understand the proposal. Also include the ERC20 wallet address where we can send the grant if approved