Welcome to Biconomy Community Forum, Biconauts!

Welcome, Biconauts

We are launching this forum to give the community an organized space to discuss and meaningfully contribute to Biconomy. We plan to make the community a central piece in governing fundamental decisions for Biconomy over time. We encourage and expect the community members to discuss ideas, help us set the path forward, and contribute to our roadmap.

Using this forum, you can create threads around topics you feel are essential and allow others to pitch in their thoughts. You can upvote the most critical issues and shine a light on what should be our next steps. The topics can be anything from what networks and assets we should support, what fees we should charge, or how to improve our growth efforts.

You can interact with us more in our Discord Community and our Telegram Community. Follow us on Twitter and Subscribe to our Newsletter on the website to stay updated on what we’re doing.

To know more about participating in governance, please check out this topic.

Please post the topic in the relevant category and keep the communications as simple as possible. I look forward to your participation and contribution. :slight_smile:

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