Scrim - Upcoming Web3 Hyper Causal Gaming Platform

Hyper casual games has exploded on the mobile gaming market in recent years. These games are designed for a wide range of users, characterized by simple rules, and do not require perseverance or any special skills from the user. Scrim application aims to marry hypercausal gaming experience and crypto space through its ecosystem.

Scrim SDK is based on web3 decentralised gaming concept that will revolutionise the way Hyper casual gaming. The platform will be an amalgamation of games, crypto tokens and NFTs. The assets are interoperable and gaming platform becomes self-sovereign. Gasless transactions for players will be enabled through biconomy.

Scrim SDK will provide a high tech Integrated Platform which would allow,

  • Game developers to launch their games for crypto users
  • Players to play, buy NFTs and earn through the platform
  • Gaming guild to stake and earn through scholarships
  • Token Issuers to give utility to their tokens on Scrim for pay and play

The project Scrim aims to get a Grant from biconomy for product development and growth. As the platform is based on hypercasual gaming large volume of users are expected. Scrim will have gasless transactions, biconomy will benefit from increased customer base and transactions.

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Hey, @Praisudi, this is great idea. I have a few questions here -

  • Using the SDK, the developer can create games on which smart contract platforms (like Polygon, Moonbeam, etc)?
  • The SDK can handle the under-the-hood complexity, but what about the in-gaming experience and storylines? Will you guys be providing consulting on that?

Hi @rohan2433 ,

Happy to respond,

  1. The platform will be launched on polygon and smart-contracts will be in polygon. We will study other networks based on transaction volumes, network speeds and gas structure before launching on them.
  2. The games which we would ideally onboard will be hypercasual in nature. Eg: carrom, tetris, infinite run, racing, puzzles, etc. There would be dozens of games with multiple modes like single player, multiplayer and tournaments. The overall game play would be few minutes only. The reduced complexity helps larger demographics of users to try as the learning curve is less. The overall difficulty and scoring will be controlled by the game developer as this will decide the rewards given to users and earnings the developer could make.
  3. There will be special NFTs that will give access to specific games or provide a multiplier on the score or give avatars while playing. Again this will be game specific and can be decided by the game developer.

Scrim will initially launch and run some of these games. Once the platform is stable and game developers can directly launch their games, we will give them sufficient material to understand, launch and benefit from the platform
The aim is to make the platform decentralised and true to the web3 concept. The scrim will evolve into a Uniswap model where any developer can come and easily launch the game to a large Scrim audience.

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Hey @Praisudi

Awesome idea and submission.

Some questions here:

-As a game platform inviting other developers to create games, would it be the case that you as a platform or DAO subsidise all gas fees? Or will it be up to the developer to do so for their specific game?
Reason I ask is, not only can you make it a general requirement to have Gasless for all games, but you can also enable a way for developers to decide how they want to enable Gasless to engage their users too. This is slightly different but way down the line.
-How far along are you in the process in terms of the team, or build out of the idea?
-Token Issuers to give utility to their tokens on Scrim for pay and play < can you explain this a bit more please?

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