Message: Given provider does not have accounts information

Hey everyone,

I’m a new to working with the biconomy and I keep getting the message: Given provider does not have accounts information. My contract is EIP-2771 compliant and I have followed the docs, so at this point I’m confused why it is responding with this message. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks so much!

The message is just a log to describe the nature of the provider you have passed in. As the infura end point does not have your account’s private key and signer features we print this log.
Are you facing any issues while executing the transactions?

Hi Yash,

I am getting the same message and later on in my script I get a 417 error “Error while estimating gas”
My gas limit is set to 1000000000000000 so I don’t think it is that.

I am on Avax Fuji test net

Any help would be appreciated.