Issue with Biconomy's SDK and web3Auth throwing "could not validate redirect" error

I am currently facing an issue with the integration of Biconomy’s SDK and web3Auth on a deployed web app on Vercel. When using web3Auth, I am getting the following error:

'OpenLogin - RPC Error: could not validate redirect, please whitelist your domain: for provided clientId BDtxlmCXNAWQFGiiaiVY3Qb1aN-d7DQ82OhT6B-RBr5j_rGnrKAqbIkvLJlf-ofYlJRiNSHbnkeHlsh8j3ueuYY at\n    Also, this project is on mainnet network. Please ensure the the used Client ID belongs to this network.'

I have identified the root cause of this issue to be that I am unable to change the clientId on the instantiation of SocialLogin. The clientId is currently locked to the value BDtxlmCXNAWQFGiiaiVY3Qb1aN-d7DQ82OhT6B-RBr5j_rGnrKAqbIkvLJlf-ofYlJRiNSHbnkeHlsh8j3ueuYY as you can see in the source code, which means that I cannot use my own ID and whitelist my web app URL.

Here is the deployment: And my PR integrating Biconomy’s SDK: 103 client integrate biconomy sdk with social login to create a scw by sebpalluel · Pull Request #104 · sebpalluel/web3-monorepo · GitHub.

Can you please help me resolve this issue?

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Nevermind, I’ve just found the solution in here: biconomy-social-auth/Auth.tsx at 558f62e4c5108ae3f4f583983a87a19e0c246f92 · dabit3/biconomy-social-auth · GitHub

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