Issue installing '@biconomy/smart-account'


I’m having trouble with the npm package @biconomy/smart-account on this PR: 103 client integrate biconomy sdk with social login to create a scw by sebpalluel · Pull Request #104 · sebpalluel/web3-monorepo · GitHub

Has you can see on this output, node-gyp post-install script is breaking. My config is a Macbook Pro M1.

node-gyp is also throwing an error during post-install on vercel: error.log · GitHub

Everything is going fine on install and build with pnpm on nextjs-biconomy-web3Auth so I’m guessing it’s a config issue on web3-monorepo.

Thanks in advance !

The issue was indeed with my config and pnpm. I’ve simply removed the settings auto-install-peers=true and it’s now installing without breaking errors with pnpm. I’ve checked with the missing peer-dependencies and the node-gyp issue is coming from the package @ethersproject/hardware-wallet.
Is it really used by the SDK ? It doesn’t seem useful in my implementation as Metamask or WalletConnect is used to sign-in and not Ledger directly.

Hey @sebpalluel , don’t think we are using the @ethersproject/hardware-wallet directly inside our code.