Introduce Yourself Biconauts!

Welcome, Biconauts!

I’m starting up this welcome thread for our forum users. Biconomy is greater than the sum of its products, we are a community collectively responsible for governance over a protocol.
It’s important for us to get to know a little about each other as we work together in this capacity.

Please use this thread to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

Things to potentially include:

  • How you were introduced to Biconomy
  • Where you’re geographically based out of
  • Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests

some helpful links


So I guess ill start :smile:

My name is Aaron, I’m The communities lead here at Biconomy!

  • I was introduced to the project through @balaghi back in 2020
  • currently based in Dubai, (if you’re passing through hit me up! love seeing people IRL)
  • been in the Ethereum space since 2017
  • previously worked at Aragon as Communities lead, Ambassador, in Business Development, Developer relations, and general Decentralized Governance Junkie!

I am also an angel investor in Biconomy so I have skin in the game! One of the most important lessons I have learned during my web3 journey is good governance doesn’t magically happen, but if we have inclusive spaces, with open and collaborative cultures, what grows out of it will look magic!


My name is luyifan ,I am a fan of Biconomy.
-I know this project through a crypto KOL
-Currently in Shanghai, China
-Been researching the crypto ecosystem since 2019 and loves to explore something new

I’m very bullish on Biconomy, so I’m here and had the pleasure of participating in an early test
Give Biconomy a little time and he’ll grow to an incredible degree



Thanks @aaron for creating this thread and great for you to be a part of team Biconomy!

My name is Ahmed AlBalaghi and I am one of the co founders of Biconomy - I come from a financial background and been in the space since 2016. I was also one of the first angel checks into Matic network and was an advisor there too!
Started Biconomy 2.5 years back as we saw there was a big need to solve developer and end user pain points!

Super excited for this forum to interact with longer-form discussions here with our community.


My name is Amir, nice to meet you all! :wave:

I worked for a number of years in financial services and I am currently working as a fundraising and development consultant in the charitable sector for a number of clients.

I was initially a sceptic towards ‘cryptocurrencies’ when I was first introduced to them many many years ago but now very much a convert to the idea and believe it (Web3!) to be the future!

I am interested to explore how Web3 can further the good work seen in the charitable sector as well as heritage conservation and preservation (another one of my interests!).


Hi guys! Glad to meet you!
I’m Anton and I’m from Russia.
And I’m a moderator of the discord community biconomy

I learned about biсo in summer of 2021, in communication in one of the authoritative (for me ofc) DAO and decided to make a small DYOR for himself. And I see that - I made the right choice by joining the community.

My main activity and my education were not related to cryptography and cryptocurrencies. I am an engineer specialist in the field of industrial construction. But since 2020 I literally plunged into the world of nodes and ambassador programs in various crypto communities (Oh yes, this vibe is addictive :sweat_smile:)



Hello everyone, nice to meet you all!

My name is Rhic, I’m leading Growth & Strategy for Hyphen here at Biconomy. I started my career in Traditional Finance but got increasingly disillusioned the deeper I went. I believe decentralised systems are the way forward in the Global Empire of the future, and am super excited about all the developments happening in this space.

I was introduced to Biconomy by my friend @livingrock and I took the jump from TradFi to Web3 last year. I am so proud to be involved in a key infrastructure project in this space and getting to work with the folks here at Biconomy.

Looking forward to more & more vibrant discussions here as our community grows further and we keep buidling the foundations of Web3!


Chào các bạn.
Tôi đến từ Việt Nam!
Tôi tìm hiểu blockchain xuất phát từ công việc truyền thống là kinh doanh khóa điện tử và nhà thông minh; tìm hiểu blockchain ứng dụng với công việc cũ như thế nào .
Sau đó đầu tư vào crypto với BTC, ETH, BNB, Near, DOT và giờ tôi tìm hiểu BICO và sẽ tiếp tục đầu tư.
Hy vọng Bico sẽ có nhiều ứng dụng có tác động đến cuộc sống thông qua web3.


Happy to be here. My name is Trevor. I live in America. I learned about web3 in early 2021 and honestly it has consumed my life ever since. I learned about Biconomy through one of the VCs (there is some good to VCs!) who invested in Biconomy and Pocket, where a good friend of mine contributes. I’m working on protocol economics, which so far has been thinking a lot about Hyphen liquidity pools and basic tokenomics. We are deep into our design discussions for the eventual Biconomy chain, which will facilitate Hyphen transfers–among other arbitrary events. Really excited to share this work with the community a bit later this year.

Incredibly grateful to be a part of this community. We are building the future of commerce! Let’s build it better than the last version.

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Hello, I am a cryptocurrency/NFT investor living in Korea. I was very interested in WEB 3.0, and among them I found BICO with an amazing VC and joined the community. I expect BICO to develop like COSMOS (INTERCHAIN) or MATIC (PLATFORM).

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Hello all,
I’m DarcyZ,live in Shanghai China
I had involed in the early test of Biconomy. Through the test I think Biconomy is great valuable project.
I have confidence in Biconomy and I’m sure Biconomy will fly to the moon.

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Hello everyone. I’m a simple guy who owns some Bico and loves the idea and believes in our success. Being simple is needed sometimes, I think Biconomy needs some easy to understand explanations of what Bico really means and where it is heading. I’ll help in that area if that’s ok with everyone. :speech_balloon:

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Hi Biconauts, My name is Daniel, Currently i live in Lagos Nigeria. I love the momentum here. I am a team player, organizer, a client and project manager, researcher, socialite and lover of biconomy and cryptocurrency at large. Biconomy is one crypto i call THE SUN BECAUSE ITS FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS SUN. I would love to participate via Education, awareness, research and community aspect of this awesome call.

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Hi all, my name is Ishan and I’m from the USA. I’m currently based near Portland, Oregon. My background is a filmmaker and world builder - I’ve helped imagine the worlds for major Hollywood feature films.

I’ve also built the open source platform for collaborative sensemaking. In 2016 I founded the Future Scouts (, a alternative, international scouting organization for lifelong learning. After serving thousands of youth around the world, we’ve developed a vision for the Future Scouts 2.0

We’re designing an incentivized ecosystem for self-directed and p2p learning including a native token, $MERIT, and a dAPP for our users. Really curious to see how Biconomy may help us do that, both on the level of participation in the community, as well as technically. Glad to be here and get to know y’all more.