How do I implement network agnostic transactions?

I wanted to know how do I use network agnostic transactions with Biconomy?

Hey, basically you can pass a walletProvider in biconomy options when you initialise sdk. networkProvider acts in the backend for the dapp but users can change network as walletProvider will always have signers information.

let biconomy = new Biconomy(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider("YOUR RPC URL HERE"),{
    walletProvider: <Wallet Provider>, 
    apiKey: <API Key>, 
    debug: true
let networkWeb3 = new Web3(biconomy);

metatx-standard/Web3_EIP2771_EIP712Sign.js at playground · bcnmy/metatx-standard · GitHub

You can also go through the docs:

fyi this is implied as networkProvider
new Web3.providers.HttpProvider(“YOUR RPC URL HERE”)