How can i use biconomy with Web3auth in react-native project?

I am trying implement gasless transaction by using
biconomy/account . But it gives me a error.
Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: 0):
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘optional’ of undefined .

This is my code . Please check it and give solution.

useEffect(() => {
const init = async () => {
await web3auth.init();
if (web3auth?.privKey) {
uiConsole(‘Re logged in’);

    const provider = new ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider('');

  // Using the private key to create a wallet instance
  const signer = new ethers.Wallet(web3auth.privKey, provider);
  // Getting a signer from the wallet

     const config = {
    biconomyPaymasterApiKey: chains.biconomyPaymasterApiKey,
    bundlerUrl:${chains.chainId}/nJPK7B3ru.dd7f7861-190d-41bd-af80-6877f74b8f44, // <-- Read about this at
  const smartWallet = await createSmartAccountClient({
    signer: signer,
    biconomyPaymasterApiKey: config.biconomyPaymasterApiKey,
    bundlerUrl: config.bundlerUrl,
     rpcUrl: chains.providerUrl,
    chainId: chains.chainId,

  console.log("Biconomy Smart Account", smartWallet);
  const saAddress = await smartWallet.getAccountAddress();
  console.log("Smart Account Address", saAddress);


}, );

you can find the integration example here - biconomy_web3auth_example/src/pages/index.tsx at main · bcnmy/biconomy_web3auth_example · GitHub
and more details on this page - Web3Auth | Biconomy