“could not validate redirect” error with Biconomy SDK

I am facing an issue with the integration of Biconomy’s SDK and web3Auth on React. Everything works fine on localhost, but the deployed web app displays the following error when connecting with socials (mm and walletconnect are ok):

Error: could not validate redirect, please whitelist your domain: https://www.buckets.digital for provided clientId BDtxlmCXNAWQFGiiaiVY3Qb1aN-d7DQ82OhT6B-RBr5j_rGnrKAqbIkvLJlf-ofYlJRiNSHbnkeHlsh8j3ueuYY at https://dashboard.web3auth.io.
    Also, this project is on mainnet network. Please ensure the the used Client ID belongs to this network.

I have already withelisted my domain as suggested in: Issue with Biconomy's SDK and web3Auth throwing "could not validate redirect" error

Can you please help me resolve this issue?

got the same issue currently, did you find a fix?

No, still not. I wasn’t able to use the social logins ever since. No answer from Bico team. Did you finally find a way on your end?

Hi, apologies for the delay to your reply.
Can you share a gist or GitHub code for your implementation , I will look into this earliest and respond.

Hi, did this resolve ?