Community governance process - Lets decentralise Biconomy!

Hey Biconauts,

Please follow the below guidelines to participate in Biconomy governance.

Step 1 – Temperature and Sentiment Check

  1. Any community member can start a topic on the Biconomy Forum around any relevant agenda. Community members/users start a topic to ask a general question to kickstart discussions and get thoughts from the community (can include a simple poll). Please post the topic within the relevant category.
  2. At this stage, there’s no format. If the initiated topic is for a governance proposal, please tag the topic as “temperature-check” on the forum. It helps differentiate general topics from proposal topics.

Step 2 – Propose a Biconomy Improvement Proposal (BIP) on the forum

  1. Once the community is sufficiently interested in the informal topic, core team members can create a formal proposal and post it in the “Proposals” category. [For now, only core team members can create a BIP]
  2. The larger community can then discuss more on this proposal and analyze the risks and rewards from all possible angles (technical, risk, financial, and reputation).
  3. A governance community call might be scheduled to pitch and discuss the BIP with the community.

Step 3 – Snapshot Voting [only $BICO token holder can vote]

  1. When we have sufficient consensus on the BIP on the forum, the core team will create a Snapshot proposal and allow the token holders to cast their vote. [However, to bootstrap the initial governance process, only whitelisted team members will be able to create proposals on Snapshot].
  2. To vote on the given proposal, you need to have BICO token in your wallet. The voting power for Governance v1 is 1 BICO = 1 Vote. Your BICO will stay in your wallet. You will only have to sign the vote (transaction) on Snapshot. It also means that you do not have to spend on the gas fees.
  3. We will need a positive vote from more than 50% of the tokens for the proposal to pass.

Step 4 - Implementation

  1. In the early stages of Biconomy, approved BIPs will be executed manually by the team as and when necessary.

Biconomy will gradually decentralize its decision-making to the community but will start small and gradually figure out the best way to involve community members and token holders in protocol and treasury governance. We will continue to evolve the process and governance.

Lastly, there are a few things you should know before jumping into the discussion. Please read the FAQs here, as they contain a lot of advice for being a productive community member.

Also, we request you to keep the posts in English. While we welcome discussions in other languages on our Discord, we don’t have the resources to handle multi-language support here as of now.

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Build BICO DAO together! :+1:t2:


Glad to be one of the Biconomy Community ! Let’s DAOce !

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Its pleasure, to be a part such a great community :heart: BICO will moon :wink:

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[quote=“zborek11, post:10, topic:26”]
Its pleasure, to be a part such a great community :heart:
[/quote] Its pleasure, to be a part such a great community :heart:

Glad to be one of the Biconomy Community.let’s work hard together