Bico token burn

Due to the unfortunate decline in the price of BTC, ETH the BICO token price is setting new lows. A billion BICO tokens seem excessive. As a token ICO’s it’s important to maintain the token above the ICO price. I think a token burn is in order. I was wondering what others thought and reasons for their thought.

I also would like to mention that a token buyback would be great also. I have Coinbase and the ICO was $4.47

Token burns need to make sense according the protocol that we are building. Have you read our litepaper? Do you have an idea for a plan for how a token burn would work?
Here’s the link to the whitepaper

I guess the main reason is because you lost money.

I think the way to burn BICO is to issue a token along with the rewards in the rewards pool. This token will be used to purchase BICO and send it to a dead address. This token can also be used for a buyback as well. I brought up the question to spark creative thinking. It’s important to always question and ask what if. I think BICO has a great future. I am concerned about investors placing the word scam or something derogatory along with BICO. We are all in this together. I just want to open a discussion that may impact BICO in a positive way. Maybe the token created could be used for advertising.

The fall of the bico token caused by the sharp drop in btc is inevitable. As a bico investor, I can accept this fact and allow the token to be lower than the ico price. What we hope to see is a bright future for the project. Short-term ups and downs are tests for the project, and greatness can only be achieved after experiencing hardships.

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I love your passion in BICO! Although the argument of Bitcoin falls short. The idea of BICO following it is correct in the downward movement. It’s not correct in the upward. Just look at what the price was earlier when BTC was over 42k and compare it to the current cost per token. I just want there to be a balance between innovation and marketing. The price fluctuating is going to occur regardless. The opportunity to build on a foundation is happening now

Jan 05, 2022
Bitcoin $43446
Bico $3.58 Feb 15, 2022 Bitcoin $44,202 Bico$1.92 So Bico is down because of Bitcoin?

Well, a brand new low today. I guess we can just pretend that everyone is oblivious to that. No new creative ideas to fix it. Let’s talk about maybe giving more thought to the ways of raising the token price. Nobody short or long term wants the price to continue on this downtrend. It’s counter productive. It reflects irresponsibility and poor management skills. I try to suggest a token burn, a buy back, a marketing token. I am not even sure that people care about the price. You may all be worth millions of dollars and don’t care about the price, but I work 40+ hrs a week. I save and invest with the hopes of maybe someday working less and enjoying my life before I die. We need to have something in place to show that there are people responsible and care about how the investors investments are handled and are given as much attention as the people working on the platform. I believe in BICO and I am long term. I just would like to see more attention given on ways to promote the price. The earlier we correct the price the higher it will be in the long term.

A buck and change…Can we do something to fix the price? Great time to put some thinking caps on!!!