Application for Bico grants

At LYNC, we are working on a cross IP PVP ecosystem where existing NFTs of the web3 community can be used as their game avatar. Our mission is to work on the game experience more to onboard gamers. Where Gamers can use default LYNC NFT or can use owned NFT or can rent an NFT from the existing NFT projects like BAYC, Crypto Punks, Doodles, etc

There are 2.81 Billion gamers globally, where the 18-34 years age group play games the most, and the P2E gaming market size is still very early with roughly 10 Million gamers. In most cases, gamers hate P2E games because of the bad gaming experience. At LYNC, Developers and artists can contribute to bringing new features and avatars to earn royalties.

What do gamers want?

  • A good gaming experience
  • Full control of every aspect of their gaming experience.
  • Social interactions are essential reasons for gamers to play games.
  • An adrenaline rush and a dose of fun.

Problems in existing P2E Games

  • Existing NFT can’t be used
  • Games are not deep enough for engagement
  • Developers and artists can’t contribute
  • ‘Play-to-Earn’ game economies are a zero-sum game & fun takes the back seat

How LYNC solving the above problems?

  1. Choose any NFT you own
    • Players can choose their existing NFT as their game avatars
  2. Open Door Policy
    • Developers and artists can contribute to bringing new features and avatars to earn royalties
  3. Gaming experience
    • At LYNC our focus is to provide the best gaming experience to onboard traditional gamers
  4. Social Clashes
    • Guilds and NFT projects can compete against each other

Our proof of previous work is NFT Rush. A web3 hypercasual game that is live on Matic Mainnet and NFT Rush is one of the most played game. With LYNC our vision is to start a new era of web3 games by creating a true decentalised GameFi ecosystem.