Account Abstraction contracts npm package?

I’m trying to create a token bound account using Biconomy smart contracts but I’m confused about which npm package I should install points to GitHub - bcnmy/scw-contracts: SCW contracts for Biconomy Smart Account.
Came across the @biconomy/account-contracts and @biconomy-devx/account-contracts don’t matchup with the bcnmy/scw-contracts changelog.

Also what’s the difference between the @biconomy-devx and the @biconomy package namespace? Are the both maintained by Biconomy? Are they using different versions of solidity or ethers?

@biconomy-devx packages are alpha version of the dev environment packages. Not recommended for production.

@biconomy-devx namespace is used to publish alpha version of packages which are usually used along with internal qa/staging environment or by early testers.

@biconomy namespace is used for stable versions of packages.

Both are maintained by Biconomy.

for smart-accounts,

repo - GitHub - bcnmy/scw-contracts: SCW contracts for Biconomy Smart Account (master branch has smart account V1 which is currently out in production)

npm package : @biconomy/account-contracts : “2.0.1”

github tag: prod-v2.0.0

if you need deployed addresses please checkout docs or follow up on comments here :slight_smile: