417 error while setting up mexa sdk

We are facing an error while implementing Mexa SDK in our Dapp front-end
code: 417
flag: 417
log: “Error while gas estimation with message cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit

Please help.


417 is thrown whenever there is a revert in your contract method business logic or in the forwarding process.
In backend, we do the gas estimation and if it was gonna fail we don’t send it to blockchain and send you 417

possible suggestions,

i) Can you review your business logic and see if it goes through without Biconomy.

ii) If you’re using ERC2771 Trusted forwarder approach, do make sure you have set the correct trusted forwarder. It can be found here Contract Addresses - Biconomy

iii) If you’re using Custom approach, this may likely be signer and signature mismatch. In that case do check the EIP712 typehash in your smart contract and you should pass appropriate domain type along with domain data. You can also check this post regarding the same.